Weekly Update #11

Hello everyone!

We would like to thank our wonderful donors for providing us with funding to help our communities. We have raised over $2400 on our GoFundMe platform and $16,000 from our partner, GetUSPPE, for a total of $18,400! This progress will allow us to reach more hospitals and provide a more noticeable impact than ever before. We have received numerous orders and contacts to enable us to grow. Currently, united3D has received orders for close to 3,000 units of PPE. We are fulfilling these orders quickly and continuing to move forward. We have the capability to produce around 3,000 more units of different PPE with our current funds. We are expanding into more regions as well as growing in the number of volunteers. 

(Referring to picture below) This is Oviya Ignaci, one of our young volunteers making hand-sewn masks for our first responders, and hospice centers. She has produced over 200 masks over the course of a month, and we would like to thank her and her family for this excellent job!

The best way to help right now is to spread the word. We are continuing to look for more volunteers with 3D printers, and our Sewing Project requires more materials. We also would like to get in contact with local businesses to see if they would like to receive some PPE as they start to open up. Any amount of publicity for our organization is greatly appreciated!

We plan on working closely with our partners to fulfill our more substantial orders. Once we receive some more orders, we also have options to help speed up the production process. Our volunteers will be crucial in this process; as we continue to grow, the support of our volunteers remains overwhelming, and we cannot wait to see what we do next. Thank you for your support, and we hope you continue to stay safe

Weekly Update #11
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