Weekly Update #2

Hello everyone!

We would like to thank our wonderful donors for providing us with funding to help our communities. Even if you aren’t producing PPE, you are helping us reach our goal by donating or simply spreading the word. We have had an incredible week, not only in donations, but in outreach! We have officially reached 7 regions among 5 states, and have raised over $1000. This progress will allow us to reach more hospitals and provide a more prominent impact than ever before. 

We have begun communications with local hospitals in our regions. As the orders come in, we fulfill them as fast as we can. We have even partnered with organizations, including Project Shields, to help fulfill the demand. Thanks to our partners at Walt3D and Cocoa Press, we are able manage filament supplies and provide our volunteers with plenty of supplies. Our regional managers have been nothing but wonderful and have begun communicating with hospitals to receive orders. We now have a total of 12 official volunteers of united3D and the list keeps growing! 

As with all community based operations, our organization relies on the generosity of our donors. We could not be here today if it wasn’t for the individuals who have provided us with funding to continue supporting our medical staff. Our donors are absolutely incredible, and we truly appreciate their efforts towards helping those who may not have the opportunity to stay quarantined. We are trying our best to communicate with local hospitals and begin providing to many regions to further our cause. Let us know if you have any contacts at local hospitals and we will gladly connect with them to figure out their needs. Until the next update, stay safe and healthy!

– The united3D Team

Weekly Update #2
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