Welcome to united3D! We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our website. We began as a group of students who wanted to help our community by 3D printing personal protective equipment (PPE) for our local hospitals. Within a week we decided to create united3D to promote this movement far beyond the Greater Philadelphia Area in Pennsylvania.

Currently we have a GoFundMe set up as our source of donations. We will be using this money to provide our volunteers with materials to increase production. Our goal is to reach every state and impact as many communities as possible. 

We have decided to set up this site as a way for people to join our community and begin volunteering. Although we are primarily focused on 3D printed PPE, we encourage those who can make homemade masks to join our community as well. We would like to include anyone and everyone in order to create a wonderful community during these trying times.

To begin, simply visit the home page of the site and choose a method to get started with united3D. We hope that you are staying safe, and that together (albeit remaining separate for social distancing reasons), we can help our front line health care workers.

So from all of us at united3D, we would like to officially welcome you to our community and we are excited to begin this journey together.

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