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A community of Volunteers dedicated to producing PPE for health care workers

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What do we do?


We are creating a community of volunteers to produce PPE for local hospitals. We work by creating regions in which engineers collaborate to fulfill orders from hospitals, powered only by donations.


We receive donations from GoFundMe and work with our regional managers to provide our engineers with supplies. We are also working on receiving funds from foundations to support us in the battle against COVID-19.


We are working on creating and testing designs that can be easily produced, and follow local guidelines. We partner with local hospitals to ensure that our designs meet their expectations.


We work with local companies and schools to help reach more volunteers and maximize production. We also collaborate with local engineers to provide funds and supplies.

How to begin?

Join as a Volunteer

Sign up to become a volunteer and work with your region’s manager to begin production. You will need access to a 3D printer or a manufacturing facility that can help produce PPE. We will provide as much support as possible depending on the funds available to provide you with filament and other materials. 

If you do not have a 3D printer, but you would like to help out, we have added an option to sew masks for your local hospitals and we would help you facilitate that process. Depending on the amount of funding we receive, we may be able to purchase material for homemade masks.

Apply for Regional Manager

Sign up to handle your region by facilitating communication with your region’s volunteers and working with your region’s hospitals. You will be in charge of recruiting, receiving orders from hospitals and first responders, and managing funds requested by your region’s volunteers. Regions will vary from entire states to groups of hospitals depending on the availability of engineers.


Donate via the GoFundMe to help support our cause. We will use these donations to provide materials such as filament and 3D printer parts to our volunteers. Our organization runs entirely on donations and the generosity of our partners.

Become a Partner

Become a partner and help us achieve our goal! We are looking for companies that can provide support via donations, filament, or discounted deals to help us support our volunteers. Hospitals and groups of first responders should also use this form to connect with our regional managers.

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The Process of 3D Printing Headbands for Our Face Shields

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